Mugshot Removal Services

Removing Online Mugshots

Lenders, employers, even good friends and potential dates now search the web to find information on individuals and prospect people.  Online arrest records and mugshot photos appearing on search engine results can result in missed employment opportunities and damaged personal relationships.  

We recognize just how much damage an online mugshot can on an individual in this internet data-driven era. That's why we extensive time and resources into identifying reputable reputation repair companies and effective solutions to remove arrest mugshots from third-party websites, mugshot databases, and internet search engines. 

What do Mugshot Removal Services Cost?

The price to remove your mugshot record from a third-party mugshot publication or arrest record reports website typically starts around $399  to $699 per unique mugshot web page or URL and can cost as much as $1000 per arrest mugshot.

How much will it cost to get your mugshot erased?

Below you'll find typical prices charged by mugshot removal companies.  While the cost to remove mugshots and arrest records from the internet seems like a lot of money to spend on such a service, especially when the arrest mugshot has been published on several different websites, those that do opt to pay to have mugshots removed often find that the employment opportunities and other benefits afforded by a clean online reputation are worth the seemingly high price charged for internet reputation and mugshot removal companies. 

Example of Standard Prices Charged for Mugshot Removal

The table below features common fees that companies charge to remove mugshots from the internet.  

Mugshot Removal Service

What's the Best Mugshot Removal Service

In response to the rising number of people wanting to clean up their online record by removing mugshot photos and arrest information, A number of online reputation and content removal companies have started offering services to eliminate online mugshots and arrest record information from third-party websites and search engines.

Find a reputable mugshot removal company to clean up your online arrests and repair your reputation here.