Mugshot Websites

We track thousands of websites that publish peoples' arrest records and mugshots.  

Below you'll find a non-exhaustive list of mugshot websites.  These sites are used by people to search for and find arrest records and mugshot photos.  

Because people are often required to pay or hire a mugshot removal service to get personal information, arrest records, and mugshot photos removed from these sites, they've become highly controversial in recent years.

Mugshot Websites List

Mugshot Websites List

A popular arrest record search website that publishes booking mugshots from around the United States.

A public arrest record database that publishes police reports and mugshot images.

A long-standing arrest record database.

Busted Newspaper

Among the most searched for arrest news websites.

Busted Mugshots

The Busted Newspaper website is no longer responding to any removal requests, not from individual arrestees or mugshot removal companies.

Crime Informer has been around for years.  It collects and publishes arrest reports and mugshot booking photos from four states in the U.S.

A long-standing and well-known mugshot gallery website.


Jail inmate and arrest search engine that's accessible to the public on the web at, and on Android devices via the Jailbase app.

Online newspaper publication focusing on arrest news articles in local communities across the U.S.

Probably the most notorious mugshot website.


Mugshots Zone is a mugshot gallery and arrest search website that removal companies frequently remove records from.

Website no longer active (unpublished in late 2021).

A long standing police arrest database.


Covers recent arrest bookings from 44 U.S. states.